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In dark seedy underworld of organized crime, a dead man rises to wage war against criminality. The Falcon stalks his prey and the only certainty is that justice just got messy.

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World renowned Master of the Occult, Christopher St. James, is about to take you on a journey into the heart of darkness.  Follow Christopher as he guides a different family each week through the shadows of the most haunted locations in the country.  Tune in and prepare for a Dark Journey.

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NeverWake Movie

Dual Phoenix Productions, LLC is thrilled to announce our recent joint production project with Dance Macabre Productions LLC.


In the small town of Willow Creek, Pennsylvania an urban legend is about to become a deadly reality.

Over one hundred years ago Reverend Joseph White  brutally killed forty villagers.  The survivors of the deadly spree captured him, and buried him alive in a white ash coffin lined with pure silver.  The villagers believed the good reverend to be a vampire, and the special box was believed to be the only way to keep him in the ground.  After the burial, to protect the reputation of the village, the elders changed the name of the murderer to Reverend Josiah Black, and began telling it as a cautionary tale to frighten the children into behaving.  As the tale was told from generation to generation, a legend grew up around it.  The legend says that if you open the coffin at sunset on the summer solstice the Reverend Black will rise to seek his revenge.

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Casting Call for Vrykolakas: Blood Asylum


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Dual Phoenix Productions is looking to start casting for the upcoming Horror feature Vrykolakas: Blood Asylum.

Dual Phoenix Productions was started on October 25th 2012 by four friends and it has since grown to include a staff of ten. Currently there are several projects in various stages of production, including Vrykolakas: Blood Asylum. Casting on this project is already underway, as casting will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Canton, Ohio. Dual Phoenix is proud to announce the casting of Tyler Chula, who will be playing the lead character Christopher St. James. Tyler currently is employed by Walmart Ohio store and attends Stark State college of Technology where he majors in video production. Tyler was born in Bucharest, Romania on February 1st 1991. He currently resides in Canton Ohio, with his beautiful wife Faith. Vrykolakas: Blood Asylum will be directed by Sean Reynolds and Assistant director Sean Sheppard and is to be Produced by Richard Stano, Jill Cooper, and Sean Reynolds. Plans include shooting the film on location at the haunted former West Virginia State Prison, also known too many as Moundsville Penitentiary. Already in the works, the project will be filmed at various haunted locations in Ohio as well. Please submit a resume and a head shot to .

Casting locations will be posted later.


Current projects are set for upcoming film festivals beginning in 2014.   As a team, which is currently made up of 11 volunteers, we will continue to make progress towards providing quality viewing material.  While we continue to soar to new heights, we appreciate your support and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer and bring to you.